Knog Frog Strobe 1 LED Lights

I bought these lights because I wanted something that was easily transferable between bikes, without having multiple brackets on every bike I own. I had tried various cheaper ones (like a couple of pounds a set) and while these were okay to begin with, I’ve yet had a set last longer than a month of light use.

My first impression of the Knog Frog Strobe 1 LED Lights was very good, the straps were easy to attach and felt secure. I was surprised by the brightness of them, and the 4 modes allowed me to use my preferred combination of static at the front and flashing like crazy at the back.

I took these out on a test ride in the town and surrounding country side late at night to put them through their paces. When I was out and about in the town, I got the impression cars could see me clearly, and they illuminated enough of the path in front of me so that I could see well enough in the sections of road without streetlights. The manufacturer claims these to be safety lights (as in only to get you seen, not to light your way) but I found them to be good enough for standalone lights within the city limits. However when I got them out in the country side I did feel at times that when there was no other light source I could have done with a little more visibility, but only just.

All in all, these lights are amazing; they’re simple, safe, powerful and affordable. My only issue I have with them at all is that as a set of black cased lights I cannot tell front from rear without turning one on, though they are available in a wide variety of colours to stop this problem if you buy them individually.

Posted in Reviews by Michael Strutt on 2011-03-05 19:47:50



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